In the UK, Borough Councils take care of local communities. Usually, they are responsible for providing services such as waste management, road maintenance, and public safety, and enforcing local laws and regulations.  

An entrepreneur has acquired legal rights in the form of NFT-license for 1 ETH (At the time of purchase, it was about $1,400) to use a trademark on his products

This October, an owner of the wallet “0x26D03C07268cfdbbf7bc8e57194867D7c760F259” bought an NFT-license and automatically signed a License Agreement to use a trademark on the products he manufactures

What is Intellectual Property? Why is it profitable for owners to sell rights and for businesses and entrepreneurs to buy?

First, let’s figure out what can be an object of Intellectual Property. 

Everything produced by a particular author can be considered Intellectual Property: a quote, music, a book, a painting, a unique graphic design, and of course, a trademark logo. Among this list, the most requests for obtaining the right to use are graphic content and logos: they can be used to make various products for sale.


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